What will your legacy look like?

“Live, love, laugh, leave a legacy” – Stephen Covey

What will your legacy be? Certainly nothing like the staid definitions given within dictionaries – “a gift of money or property left in a Will”.


Your legacy is personal to you, created by you, to assist loved ones, worthy causes, or future generations so that they in turn can make the world a better place. Your legacy captures your beliefs and values, and passes them down to future generations as it enriches their lives. It is what you will be remembered by.

There are three stages to a legacy

  1. Vision

You may already have a clear vision of your legacy, but if not, we can guide you through the process with empathy and reassurance, so that you can fully explore what might be possible, and how your values and beliefs should be reflected. 

  2.  Structure

Having envisioned your legacy, we can design the correct structure to create it, and help your chosen custodians to deliver it. We also engage with the custodians and explain their role and responsibility to ensure that your legacy reflects your wishes.

  3.  Distribution

We will work with the custodians of your legacy, to ensure that it is administered correctly and delivered to beneficiaries according to your wishes.

We believe that aligning values and wealth, protects families for generations, which is why we help create legacies that shape and leave a better world. 

Bluecoat mission statement.


The Bluecoat legacy questionnaire has been built to help clients discover how they want their legacy to look and why they need to create a legacy.

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