During your lifetime, you will have accumulated a reservoir of wealth that you wish to flow as a river of wealth to future generations. Your river of wealth will be invaluable helping to pay a variety of costs, from education costs, property deposits or retirement costs – there’s a lot of possibilities, and so it’s essential to ensure that your wealth flows as you intend.


This is your Legacy helping, perhaps as yet unborn, generations of your family lead fulfilling lives so that they in turn can leave a legacy of their own. The question is, how can you protect your legacy from being diluted, or your river of wealth from being diverted?

The challenges that your wealth flow faces are many; taxation, death and remarriage, divorce, perhaps even creditors or fraudsters. These are common occurrences in all modern-day families that pose a very real threat to the effectiveness of your legacy. For some people, these [solvable] challenges become a huge worry, to the extent that their wealth becomes a burden.

At Bluecoat, we offer a number of simple, robust trust-based solutions to ensure that your river of wealth flows as intended, without unnecessary dilution, yo benefit as many generations as possible.

The services and support that we offer extends to your Trustees, so that you know your legacy will be efficiently administered in accordance with your wishes without being onerous on your Trustees.

"We believe that aligning values and wealth protects families for generations, which is why we help create legacies that shape and leave a better world". 

Bluecoat mission statement.

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