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Is Not Making a Will Selfish?

Not everyone has a need for a Will, if you don't care about where your money, investment, assets, properties or possession's end up, then you you are not being selfish and maybe don't need a Will.

Some people may state that they're happy to leave everything they own to their Next of Kin or without a NOK their direct descendant, which without a Will the process of intestacy will determine, and of course if it can't be determined then the estate goes to the government.

Intestacy is an interesting process sometimes confusing, drawn-out and potential expensive. Intestacy is a process that the government uses to decide who is responsible for administering and then benefiting from a person's estate if no Will has been written. In some situations, those closest to the deceased directly after a death, are happy to try and sort everything out without any direction. Some people are naturally financially minded and know everything that their loved one wanted to happen after their passing.

Although, there are processes in place to administer a person's estate if they leave no Will, it can be extremely hard for a recently bereaved loved one's to manage with normal life and organise an estate. Not knowing if they need to give a favoured possession to a family member or whether you want to set aside funding for a special event. Although, your NOK may know you inside out, they may always second guest whether you would have wanted things to be different.

It's your decision whether you want to leave that burden upon your loved one.

Do you think it is selfish not to make a Will?

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