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Where can I find the best funeral plan?

Trying to decide which funeral plan is right for you can be like trying to read ancient Greek, there are only a few people in the world that can decipher it.

Currently, funeral plan provider do not use defined terms to describe the same products or services, this can leave a consumer feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what is actually provided in a funeral plan. Further to this, although a company may seem secure from the outside, you need to look deeper into their finances and business practices to know your money is secure.

Although funeral plan providers currently are not mandated to be regulated, there are some bond companies that have volunteer to become regulated through the Funeral Planning Authority.

The Funeral Planning Authority has been created to give companies the opportunity to work to guidelines and rules showing their commitment to financial security, excellence, consumer satisfaction and fairness. Not just anyone can join the FPA and any company wishing to join must pass their rigorous testing process.

FareWell funeral plan consultants only work with funeral plan providers that are regulated by the FPA to ensure we are providing advice only on high quality funeral plans. FareWell is a funeral plan consultancy company that removes all of the promotional jargon and strips the plans back to basics. We walk and talk our client through the funeral plan market and give them a written report showing why we suggest a funeral plan based on their preferences.

What our customers receive:

  • Advice & Guidance

  • One to one consultancy

  • A funeral plan overview

  • A personal funeral plan report

  • No extra charges for our service, you pay the funeral plan company directly

  • Peace of mind

Contact FareWell today to secure your funeral plan 01273 033543

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