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How To Read A Will - Will Structure

A persons will should be broken down into serval different sections ranging from funeral directions to witness signatures. There is no particular length that a will must be but to be a legitimate Will it must have the testator’s personal details, their wishes, be signed by the testator and their signature must be witnessed by two independent witnesses. A will would normally be broken down into the following sections.

Personal details: The personal details of the testator and date

Renouncement of all previous wills: Cancelling pervious wills

Appointment of Executor & Trustees: Their personal details and instructions

Appointment of Guardians: Their personal details and instructions

Funeral arrangements: Burial instructions and medical wishes

Power to carry on business: Instructions and powers to control the testator’s business assets

Gift of personal possessions: Specific gifts E.g my Rolex watch

Gifts of money: A specific amount of money to a beneficiary

Trust: Trust included of attached to the will

Residue Estate: How and to whom the residue of the estate should be distributed

STEP Provision: The standard provisions of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners

Attestation Statement: The testator’s signature, two witness signature’s and their personal details.

It is important that anyone creating a will understands the final document and it reflects their wishes. If you’re volunteering as an executor, please ensure you understand your role and how to decipher a will. Hopefully this article has given you some help and will enable you to understand some of the common language and structure you would expect to find in a will.

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